[What's the hardest lesson you've had to learn in life?]
“The hardest lesson I’ve had to learn is that the person I love is not always going to love me. In other words, I’ve been in relationships where I’ve cared more about the person than they did. So I would always be the one that ended up getting hurt. I would always be the first one to put my best foot forward. My grandmother taught me you never kick a man while they down, and I try to live by that. So in relationships, there was moments where the dude fell off a little bit and I tried to help out, and he got so used to me being that person that once he got on his feet, you know, he was gone. “Alright bet I'm good; she gonna always be around." And then there was disappointment when they call me three months later you know they try to text you with the “Hey big head." They’ll be like, “So when I’ma see you?” No time soon bruh. [People will try to use you if you let them], but it takes a while to actually process that because at first you’re like, “But why me though?”. But sometimes you have to look at things like, “Why not me?”. No funny, who am I to say that it couldn’t happen to me? And most times, when in relationships, we collect red flags. We don’t really take heed, throw the flags down, and get out of there; we collect them. We make excuses, “Oh well, we’re getting to know each other," "We'll work this out," all that other shit. Fuck collecting red flags; get out of there. No BS when you see it. Take everything at face value. If a person says one thing but shows something different, believe what they show. And the thing is, we want to believe what they saying. The great DMX said, “Don’t just trust the fact that you see a person for who they are; trust yourself in thats what you’re seeing." You gotta trust yourself, and don't just trust the fact that you see what somebody doing; actually trust that that’s exactly what you’re seeing and that you could see it well. RIP to the late and great DMX. Don't doubt what you see because a person can tell you all day long what they think you want to hear, but how they really feel is going to show.”

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